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Woodside, Queens was Originally settled by native Americans, It has actually been inhabited for over 10,000 years, making it one of the oldest communities in Queens. In 1867, developer Benjamin Hitchcock bought a 115 acre farm, split it up into lots, and sold them in 1869, thus creating the village of Woodside. Woodside’s population was able to grow quickly, especially after the construction of the Queensboro Bridge and the building of subway tracks. By 1910, the population had grown to 6,000.

As its population multiplied, Woodside was forced to change from a quaint suburb to a much more urban setting. In 1924, the City Housing Corporation began building private homes, much to the disagreement of the community, since there was a large influx of immigrants.

From its early days Woodside has been an affordable, working-class, immigrant neighborhood.

After its founding in 1869, many Irish-American immigrants settled in Woodside. Woodside quickly became the largest Irish-American community in Queens. The Irish flocked to Woodside because of its large Irish population, affordable housing, and easy access to transportation.. Up until the early 1930’s Woodside was 80% Irish. Throughout the 20thcentury Irish immigrants dominated the neighborhood. Yet Woodside was not very diverse, since it was mainly made up of only one group. Although now many new ethnic groups have appeared, Woodside continues to have an enduring Irish population.

Today, Woodside has a large diversity is clearly shown through its restaurants. Roosevelt Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the neighborhood, is dotted with different ethnic restaurants. The neighborhood is serviced by the number 7 train, which has tracks running above Roosevelt Avenue. The population today is around 85, 000. It has become somewhat of an urban suburb of Manhattan for the working class people. In Woodside, although the Irish influence is still present, it is mixing with the new Asian and Hispanic influences. There are a mulitude of buildings with coops and condos plus single and multifamily houses to choose from. One very nice area of Woodside is Skillman ave. Great restaurants and just a nice place to walk around. Plus its also very close to the subway and Long Island Railroad. Look us up. We SELL property the best like no other agent in Queens


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