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Who is GeoffreyStevens?

About 15 years Steve Hirsch (owner of Geoffrey Stevens Realty) was asked to create a website and photograph buildings and apartments for a company on West 72nd street. The website and the real estate company grew at an incredible rate due to the amazing results from the internet, providing hundreds of phone calls and emails a week. Steve was soon a very active participant in the company's business. Being a web designer and art director in his own studio, he brought a new approach in obtaining customers and clients to the business which was owned by a high school friend of his. It soon became apparent that the real estate business needed to have a website and also needed to be maintained daily, as well as keeping up with the email and satisfying the public's thirst for apartment rentals and sales. At that point in time, Steve Hirsch became a real estate agent. His 25 years in the field of advertising, design, photography, search engine optimization and technology along with his new knowledge of real estate, brings in a new era in real estate.

As previously mentioned, Steve Hirsch and his high school buddy worked together to form a new kind of business. From paper and pencil, to that of internet advertising, called the new business GeoffreyStevens.com. The name was formed from Steve's friends middle name of Geoffrey, and from Steve Hirsch's name Steven. Thus GeoffreyStevens was born. In business for over 13 years, Geoffrey Stevens Realty offers expert consulting, knowledgeable agents, and the initiative to expand into other areas of Queens and Manhattan.

So now you have it. Steve Hirsch creates web sites for a variety of people, including real estate developers, attorneys, accountants, comedians, and even town chamber of commerce sites. An incredible internet presence yielding about 2500 hits a week, backed by a web designer and art director of 25 years, plus 8 years of real estate expertise.

There are many ways to advertise your property. Steve has the ways and means, along with the fantastic presence of the GeoffreyStevens. com web site. You just won't get the intelligence, the expertise, the attentiveness, the dedication, and the advertising you need to sell your co-op, condo, or home, whether its in Manhattan or Queens from anywhere else, nomatter how big the real estate name is.

The website changes about 2x a week with live updates, so you always know whats available. Some of the listings from the large luxury buildings remain constant and their listings change almost everyday, so you'll need to call to find out whats still available. The home page has a very active listing update. So does the "co-op and condo listings for Bayside and Queens and Manhattan co-ops and condos. My real love is Manhattan. Its my passion, my energy, my love. There is nothing like it on the planet, especially the West Village, just west of 7th avenue.

Some tips on searching on the web:
Always be exact in what you are looking for. If you want to rent an apartment in the west village, just do a search like this: "West Village apartment rentals, NYC" or "West Village apartment rentals Manhattan"
Be specific. Don't use short cuts like - apts, new york, village, etc. If you are looking for a place on the Upper west side, just type in "upper west side apartment rentals, NYC" Always give the area you want and the specific city. Not everyone search engine knows that Upper west side is only in manhattan. For Queens always use the search terms as Queens coops, Queens condos, Houses for sale in Queens, manhattan real estate, Buildings for sale, Brownstones for sale.