pet friendly apartment rentals

Pet friendly
apartment rentals
for your dogs or cats
in Bayside and Great Neck .

Geoffrey Stevens Realty
Steve Hirsch
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Bayside, NY


Description: Acceptance of pets may vary on size and breed depending on landlord. Listings show Bayside, Great Neck, Little Neck, Douglaston. LISTINgS ARE UPDATED EVERY 15 MINUTES ON THIS PAGE.

We carefully selected listings only that wil take cats and/or dogs. Some will only take cats and some will only take dogs. The Pet Type column specifies which  type the landlord takes. Many websites wont have this specified.

To see what type of pet is allowed, go to the LEFT side and SCROLL DOWN to select "PETS" under "Other Features"
This will narrow down the search. The listings will indicate "pet allowance"